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As a resident of the great country of Scotland, I couldn’t be more proud of the place I call my home. Every year, millions of tourists flock to Scotland to bask in its gorgeous landscapes, rich history and enticing culture and I can’t blame them. Scotland means so many different things to many different people. But there is just so much to do and see, that sometimes it can be a bit of a daunting task to plan your visit. And since we’re in the middle of the summer and the peak of the traveling season, I wanted to offer a list of activities to do and hotspots to visit in Scotland that should hopefully make the process a bit easier.


Isle of Skye

No visit to Scotland would be complete without a visit to the Isle of Skye, also known simply as Skye. It is known to offer some of Scotland’s most breathtaking landscapes. With its gorgeous vistas and powerful rocky formations, Skye should prove to be an incredibly moving experience. Skye is definitely steeped in history. Make sure to visit the Old Man of Storr or the Cuillin to get the most of Skye’s natural landscapes.


Lunan Bay

If you’re looking to enjoy the warmth and joy of relaxing on the beach, then look no further than Lunan Bay. The beach itself is gorgeous enough, but what makes this particular spot stand out is its pinkish hued sand. That’s right, you won’t find any white or tan colored sand here; strictly pink sand and miles of breathtaking ocean.


Edinburgh Castle

Why not enjoy a piece of Scotland’s history in the form of Edinburgh Castle? The fortress is a centerpiece of Scottish history and is sure to please average tourists and history buffs alike.



All of this sightseeing and wandering about has to have made you hungry, right? Make sure to visit any one of the hundreds of eateries scattered about Scotland’s sprawling landscape. There’s Papii in Edinburgh, Cail Bruich in Glasgow and Nicky Tams Bar and Bothy in Stirling. Whichever restaurant you decide upon, make sure not to leave before you try one of Scotland’s signature dishes: haggis.


Stirling Castle

Located atop Castle Hill, the Stirling Castle is an incredibly important building in Scottish history. It has been sieged at least eight times throughout its history and was a popular castle amongst the Stewart kings and queens as the premier location to host several elaborate celebrations. The castle’s location gave it a strategic advantage against invaders. Today, you can enjoy a guided tour and bask in yet another of Scotland’s most historic locations.


There’s so much more to do and see in the beautiful country of Scotland that I simply cannot cover it all in one blog. If you’re traveling to Scotland, be safe and enjoy it as much as I do.