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Picking a restaurant can be tough. Do you mind spending a little extra money or are you looking for a cheaper option? Do you want to sit down or just a quick bite? Do you want a fine dining experience or are you looking for a more casual atmosphere? Lucky for you, regardless of what you are looking for, Scotland has it– guaranteed.

To make it easier on you, I narrowed down the top three restaurants by the type of food offered, the price point and what the atmosphere feels like. I bet that you will find a place that fit your needs, whether they be high-class or simple.

1. The Witchery By The Castle
Dining: fine-dining
Price: $$$
Atmosphere: elegant
The Witchery gives patrons an experience they will not forget. With plant vines hanging from the ceiling, detailed centerpieces on every table and rooms that seem only fit for royalty, The Witchery by the castle makes you feel like you are in the actual castle. The food is unique with items served such as Lamb Wellington, Scotch beef and Roast North Atlantic monkfish. You can step in for just a cup of tea, a light lunch or a fancy dinner. No matter what time you go or what you get, you are going to leave feeling like royalty.

2. The Three Chimneys
Dining: casual-dining
Price: $$
Atmosphere: classy
Are you looking for a view with your glass of red wine? The Three Chimneys has a view that is actually one of the must-see places that I discussed in my blog Top 5 Places to Visit in Scotland and there is no question why. The petite, comfy inn and restaurant sits on the edge of the north-west side of Isle of Skye and has access to long roads, hills and the oceanside. Housing is available and it may be necessary to book a room after diving into their dinner sample menu which includes items such as North Sea cod, wood-fired red Skye deer and lobster ravioli. Stay for a meal or stay for a night, you will love either option.

3. Clachaig Inn
Dining: fast casual-dining
Price: $
Atmosphere: relaxed
For those who want some entertainment with their meal Clachaig Inn is the place to go. If you are there for a weekend or longer, feel free to adventure into watersports, cliff jumping or a mountain walk. If, however, you are just going for a meal you may be entertained with live, local music. Their food uses fresh and locally grown produce. With a more relaxed environment, the food follows suit by being more casual with options such as burgers, chicken and fish and chips. When looking for a relaxed place to go with good food for a first date, keep Clachaig Inn in the front of your mind.