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As I’ve mentioned on this site several times before, I put a heavy emphasis on philanthropy. I believe that working with others and supporting each other is the best way to progress as a society. A large part of that progress comes from simply donating to charity. Whether it’s in the form of time or money, your donations, however small, can make the biggest difference. Although there are several worldwide charities and organizations that are all perfectly deserving of your attention, I figured that I would  list a few Scottish charities.

Children 1st

Commonly known as the Royal Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (RSSPCC) until 1995, Children 1st is Scotland’s premiere charity specifically dedicated to keeping children safe. Children 1st has a variety of centers scattered throughout Scotland, and features a variety of programs dedicated to providing knowledge for parents and children on a variety of topics; these topics include: recovery from abuse, safety in sports and care for children from relatives. The organization even offers a hotline for parents who are caring for a child so that they may provide the most nurturing environment possible. You can volunteer at various centers or donate money to the program.

The Cookie Jar

With a unique name like “The Cookie Jar,” you’d be forgiven for not immediately knowing what they supported. The organization is named after Christopher Coutts, also known as Cookie. Christopher raged an honorable war against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer, as well as other mental disabilities. Unfortunately, at the age of 19, he passed, and The Cookie Jar was founded in his honor. The organization is dedicated to assisting hospitals, research centers, communities and schools in understanding and coping with illnesses similar to Christopher’s. While monetary donations are accepted, you can also volunteer at any of the organization’s events.


Animals are important to our lives. Some of them bring countless hours of joy and happiness into our lives; we should treat them with respect. This is precisely why foundations ike OneKind were created. OneKind is dedicated to educating Scotland and its inhabitants on the importance of animals and why we should protect them from cruelty. Make sure to donate to the organization by visiting their website.