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Castles conjure up magical imagery from our childhoods; from Snow White’s prison to Harry Potter’s school, many of us are enamored with castles. Scotland is a country rife with castles, many of which continue to be used as private family estates or are open to the public for a variety of reasons. Whether you want to take a leisurely day tour of castles or are in the market to buy, here are five of the mighty fortresses you can see in Scotland:

Craigcook Castle
Located three miles from Edinburgh, Craigcook is a 16th century castle that overlooks the Firth of Forth from its distinctive round tower. Surrounded by verdant woodlands and gardens, this castle has six bedrooms located on three floors. Notable aspects of the interior include a beautiful stained glass panel on a door and wood paneling throughout.

Glenborrodale Castle
When people daydream about castles, Glenborrodale is the image that they have in their minds. Located on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula near Acharacle, this estate boasts 16 bedrooms, gardens, and looks out onto Loch Sunart. Its stunning setting allows it to be used for a variety of purposes, and a professional kitchen and staff accommodations contribute to its worth.

Cassillis Castle
Cassillis is a breathtakingly beautiful castle, composed of magnificent rooms, ornate ceilings, sweeping staircases, and grand fireplaces over five floors. Abundant natural light floods the interior, allowing visitors to fully appreciate all the incredible details contained in the design of the rooms. The outside of the castle is equally amazing, with the River Doon and over 300 wooded acres available for exploring.

Earlshall Castle
Once visited by Mary Queen of Scots, Earlshall is a 10-bedroom manor located a few miles from St. Andrews. The most striking aspect of Earlshall is the Long Gallery, so called because of its decorative painted ceiling that dates from the 17th century. A library, gun room, study, and outdoor gardens are the finishing touches on Earlshall Castle.

Barholm Castle
Dating from the 15th century, Barholm is a traditional Scottish tower house. While its exterior is a bit unusual, its interior consists of a ground floor kitchen diner, a first-floor great hall, bedrooms, and spectacular views of Wigtown Bay.

There are many amazing castles to delight and inspire in Scotland!