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The summer is almost over. And although many of you are grasping onto these final weeks of warm weather to relax a bit more before heading back to the fall, some of you are embracing it. And although are days will soon be getting shorter and colder, that is no reason to fear the autumn months. They can be quite peaceful and enjoyable. The season can also be a great time to explore the world.


Bruges, Belgium

Boasting cobblestone streets, canals and medieval architecture, Bruges, Belgium is hands-down one of the greatest places to be during the fall. The surrounding trees of the city turn a gorgeous yellow/orange and reflect gorgeously in the canal’s waters. It all combines to create a magical setting that any person can enjoy. While there, enjoy the Minnewater Lake, De Halve Maan Brewery or the Markt. Bruges is truly a city that must be experienced.


News Orleans, Louisiana

Many people assume that New Orleans is best during Mardi Gras, and while that festival is spectacular, New Orleans has so much more to offer during the fall. For starters, it is far less humid during the fall, which will make your stay much nicer. Secondly, the number of festivities to enjoy during this time is mind boggling. In September, visit the Burlesque Festival; in October, attend the Voodoo Music Experience which features local food, fun and dozens of musical artists; and finish off the fall in November with the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival which features some of New Orleans’ finest delicacies.


Piedmont, Italy

During the fall, wine and food are all the rage in Italy. Piedmont in particular is famous for its breathtaking vistas and food culture. The area is known for its wine and, most importantly, its view of the Alps. While you’re visiting, make sure to see the Forte di Vinadio, Basilica of S.Gaudenzio and the Museo dell’Ombrello.