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Scotland, as I’ve mentioned several times before, is a beautiful country. Its history, culture and beautiful vistas make it a perfect tourist destination. Many people flock to Scotland’s castles, restaurants and shores to have a great time, but one of the country’s best-kept secrets is its biking trails. Scotland’s various sweeping plains and dirt roads make for some exquisite trails for bikers of any level to enjoy. If you’re a planning a trip or already a citizen, why not check out a few of these trails to get in a good workout?


Believe it or not, but Glentress is the busiest trail in the entire UK. Boasting 300,000 visitors every year, Glentress is a must-see attraction for just about anyone. Regardless of your skill level, Glentress is certain to have something to suit your needs; and if it doesn’t yet, it will soon. The trail is already expected to earn 10 miles of new trails this year alone. Enjoy the black, red or blue trails (depending on your level of skill) or visit during the Tweedlove Bike Festival to truly get a sense of just how popular this trail is.

Fort William

While Glentress may be the busiest trail in the UK, Fort William is undoubtedly the country’s most famous. After hosting the very first UCI DH World Cup over 15 years ago, the trail has earned a great deal of notoriety. Fort William offers some of the most gorgeous views known to man, as its trails rest on the mountains that meet the shores of the country’s lochs. And you might want to dress accordingly, as the trail is susceptible to multiple different weather types. The centre also features a variety of trails, ranging from family-friendly to extreme professional, just so that everyone has something to do.

Laggan Wolftrax

One of the more advanced routes in Scotland, Laggan Wolftrax offers an intense workout for its riders. The trail has been appropriately dubbed the “mountain bike trail with a bite.” If not careful, you will certainly experience that nickname firsthand. The centre is most-known for its black trail that is so rocky and formidable that novice riders are advised against it. If you truly want to put your skills to the test, visit Laggan Wolftrax.