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Scotland is the most beautiful country in the world– it’s officially voted by the people. So when it comes to naming the best places to visit while in Scotland, it gets a little harder to narrow it down. What you should do is visit as many places in Scotland as you can and make the following places the top of your list. These locations are suggested by local travel bloggers.

1. Arrochar
Arrochar is known for hiking. There are several trails that hikers can follow that make traveling a breeze. It is said that Arrochar is known to be one of the main places that people tend to visit when in Scotland. With Scotland being the most beautiful country in the world, it goes without saying that Arrochar has some of the most appealing sceneries to be seen.
2. Isle of Skye
With breathtaking views, it’s no wonder that Isle of Skye is one of the top places to visit. Isle of Skye is 50 miles long and allows visitors to do so much more than just have a pretty view. At Isle of Skye, people can see birds, otters, deer and other wildlife.
Isle of Skye
3. Linlithgow
Linlithgow has a rich history that lures people in to explore the exquisite castle and hear the story of the queen. Mary Queen of Scots was born in the year 1542 and a few days later was crowned queen. Lovers of architecture will be in awe over the details of the old palace.
4. Isle of Rum
If you have a large family, can’t decide what to do on a couple’s retreat or just want a mixture of things to do, Isle of Rum has it. On the island, they have beaches, trails for hiking or biking and a historic castle to roam. Isle of Rum prides itself on being a one-stop shop and also allowing people to stay longer or just for a day.
Isle of Rum
5. Lewis and Harris
To get into Lewis and Harris, you have to go through a place called Stornoway and once you’re through then you have entered the biggest island in the Outer Hebrides! Lewis and Harris isn’t the typical village– once you get exploring there is more to see. They have art, literature and music to explore. If you’re more of a shopper, they also have unique shops that are owned by the local people.
Lewis and Harris